Echinacea Purpurea
Purple Coneflower seems to attract more than its fair share of butterflies, particularly in sunny, sheltered areas. This showy plant tends to be quite drought tolerant. A must for less than attentive gardeners.

Jorge Orozco-Cordero

Jorge, aka “Hector” as his friends jokingly call him, holds a Master Gardening License as well as Bachelor and Master degrees in Human Factoring Engineering. Hailing from the austere gardening world of Washington, D.C. where he was an active chapter member of the prestigious Capitol Hill Rosarian Society and the National Arboretum, he specializes in cut flower garden beds and hardscape designs. Recently back from an extended garden study of French chateaux gardens, mazes and labyrinths, Jorge’s designs blend old world craft with modern aesthetics to create “living” rooms that truly inspire.